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Dr Pauline Boyles

Dr Pauline Boyles is a decades-long mover in the New Zealand disability movement and Senior Disability Advisor at Wellington Hospital, NZ. You can read about the work she is involved in here. After working within disability services and tertiary education for 25 years, Pauline is now working to improve healthcare for disabled people. 
Her thesis, completed 1999, was an early example of the power of emancipatory research to change a large educational system through the actions of a committed group of disabled students. The research has brought about continued change for disabled people within tertiary education in New Zealand. The same needs to be done for health.

Dr Erik Leipoldt

Erik Leipoldt has an enduring background in the Australian disability movement, disability advocacy (development), disability service, and policy advice. Currently he is Research Associate at the Centre for Research into Disability & Society, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. He is involved in research projects on the experience of people with disabilities in primary health care and in hospital. His allied interests include impacts of climate change and natural disasters on people with disabilities, advocacy (development) and disability perspective on euthanasia.